Revolutionary Clean Agent Fire Suppression

SEVO Systems products revolutionize the way clean agent fire suppression systems are designed, installed and maintained. We take advantage of the unique chemical characteristics of a fluid to store it as a liquid, but deliver it as a gas. SEVO Systems’ exclusive mission is to develop and commercialize equipment and systems optimized for the unique properties of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid for the use in fire protection, differentiating SEVO from all other OEM’s.

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Industries Served

Industries Organization Hazard Protection
Telecom Alltell (Verizon Wireless), Telekom Malaysia, Comcast, Telcel Bolivia, QTel, Valley Telephone Switch Gear Rooms, Broadband Tower, Cellular Tower, GSM Cabin, Control Rooms
Data Centers IBM, Novatis, Dell, Xerox, Iberdrola Data Backup, Co-Location, Battery Room
Museums & Archives St. Thomas Library - St. Thomas, Architect of the Capital USA Archives, Northern Arizona University Archives, Academia Historica Museum - Taipei, Taipei National Historical Museum, National Arboretum - Washington DC Museums, Archives, Arboretums
Oil & Gas BP, Chevron, Aramco, Kappa Ethanol, Conoco Philips Pump Station
Power Generation Kansas City Power & Light, SKRP Phoenix, Hydro Quebec Substation, Generator Room, Control Room
Marine Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions
Fireproof Data Vaults FIRELOCK: Fireproof Modular Vaults Vault Interior Protection

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